Monday, July 17, 2006

Had a Stump.

Had a Stump.
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Yesterday we had a barbecue.

Yesterday we had a stump.

Today we have leftovers.

Today we have a 5 foot hole where a stump once was.

After scratching my head and trying various things to remove that stump, we finally found just the right thing. My father-in-law brought over a 4 foot long, 2 person saw and a pair of splitting wedges late in the afternoon for a little sporting activity yesterday prior to our little barbecue. While the women watched from the shade of the patio, and the neighbors heckled from their swimming pool next door (this was not my first attempt), we sawed down into the old, weathered stump as far as we could. The $5 rummage-sale-purchased saw was unaffected by rocks and dirt the way any chainsaw would be. We cut several pie-slice cuts into the top, then hammered the wedges in to the cuts with a big sledgehammer, along with some coaxing from a hefty pry-bar to finish the job. If this had been a fresh stump, the roots would have been a problem. As it was, however, they gave up easily. My next task will be to break up the chunks into a more manageable size, but for now I'm satisfied.


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