Monday, April 03, 2006

The Springsteen Effect

I live in New Jersey. I do not come from New Jersey, though. There are many things peculiar to New Jersey that tend to make an outsider like myself raise an eyebrow and scratch his head. One of those things is "Springsteen". You know, "Bruce"... "The Boss"? I won't dispute the fact that he's a great entertainer, a great rock musician or even a really nice guy, as people will tell you. However, in New Jersey his following borders on cultish. It's to the point that your average Jersey guy, while listening to his radio at his desk at a reasonable volume between the hours of 9 and 11 will risk disciplinary action by cranking the volume the moment his well trained ears hear the first chord of "Born in the USA". Now, I'm not saying that only people from New Jersey like him. I'm quite sure there are fans from all over, but there seen to be a lot of really devoted Bruce fans in this state. I can only whether he's so well liked because he is from close by or if his music has a certain something that only New Jersey natives are in tune with. The world may never know.
And what's up with Bon Jovi?


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