Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Something Edible Soon to Come.

Something Edible Soon to Come.
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Although I'm far from being a seasoned gardener, I've really been enjoying cultivating and tending to our little strip of garden and seeing the results. Many of our smaller plants suffered a set back early in the season when some unknown animal helped him or herself to many of our plants, actually devouring two and a half of our four hot cherry pepper plants and a good part of our basil plants before we were able to block off the garden with a rabbit fence. Everything seems to be doing fairly well now, though. The pepper plants that were formerly razed by the neighborhood animals have recovered and are starting to set fruit. The basil plants have become tall and full, and the first tomato has started to turn from a deep green to a slightly rosy green. Maybe it won't be long before we have our own home-grown veggies. I never would have thought that vegetables could be so exciting.


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