Saturday, June 11, 2005


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We've been having a bit of a heat wave lately out here on the East coast. Everyone began to complain that it was June but felt like October, them wham, it started to feel like August. The heat we're having is a wet, sticky heat. There's little that can be done about it other than moving to an air-conditioned area and/or dressing more lightly. It's hot and sticky, but having grown up in the midwest, it's what summer feels like. That being said, I would have ridden to work the last few days regardless of the heat if the heat were the only factor. Unfortunately, the cats also factor in.

The cats, as it turns out, don't like the hot weather very much. They lie on the floor all day trying not to generate any heat inside those warm fur coats. This accomplishes two things. They stay cooler, and they conserve energy... Which they like to expend when the temperature goes down. This, of course, is when we, the people, are trying to sleep. It's just too tempting to sleep that extra hour and drive to work when the house has been kitty gymboree all night. Call me a pansy. I can take it.


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