Wednesday, May 25, 2005


It seems that some people are never happy- not while there's so much injustice in the world. They raise their banner to fight against whatever ills of the world that they see as the most threatening to our social fabric. These people are important, I'll admit, but often their efforts seem a little bit misplaced.

This morning's newspaper included an article about a certain blond heiress, who shall go unnamed in this blog, (although I'm sure that 99.8125 percent or more of the population know who I'm referring to) posed in a fast food advertisement wearing *gasp* a swimsuit! Well, I never! Call the networks! Call the AP! Call the lawyers! This trend of sex in advertising must be nipped in the bud! Meanwhile, said heiress and burger joint reap the the benefit of mountains of publicity. I can't even buy a "spicy six dollar burger" on this coast, but now I know what one is. Mission accomplished.

Closer to home, an 8 year old girl, having been unable to find karaoke for the "Little Mermaid" song she chose to sing for an after school talent show, went with her second choice of material, a Christian pop ballad. Well, I never! She was banned from performing her song, as it could imply that the school endorses religion, never mind the fact that this was an after school event (i.e. voluntary) and material was chosen by the performers. Both sides are digging in and preparing for a legal battle. The ACLU also plans to become involved if this issue reaches the courts.

Further into the world of "are you serious", there is actually an "Association of Drivers Against Daytime Running Lights." The fact that this group even exists astounds me. These people have taken something as benign as daytime running lights and made it their personal crusade, citing reasons like annoyance of other drivers and increased fuel consumption. Sure, these are valid arguments, but I can't imagine feeling so strongly against the headlights that automatically come on that I would take up a fight against them.

I think I'll go on a crusade against frivolous activism, yeah. That's a worthy cause.


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