Monday, June 06, 2005

iPod Alternative

I saw something a little bit amusing on my way to work today. I was driving along and happened to spot a pedestrain cradling a full-sized laptop computer on his right arm with the screen open and the base braced against his hip. On his head sat a large hockey puck sized pair of headphones. As he walked along on the sidewalk, slowly and awkwardly, he fiddled with the keyboard and/or pointing device. I can only assume that this laptop was serving as a digital audio player. Seems a little forced to me, but to each his own, I guess.

If he really wanted to do it right, he would leave the laptop in his backpack and use some sort of handheld (phone, PDA, etc.) to interface it wirelessly. I seem to remember such an application for Symbian Series 60 phones conecting via Bluetooth. There's still the issue of battery life, weight, heat in an enclosed bag etc. but at least his laptop would be a bit safer. I can just see it now. He's strolling along when he looks down to switch tracks. Just then he stubbs his toe on a crack in the sidewalk. Said $1000 dollar big-screen music player crashes to the pavement. Much weeping and gnashing of teeth ensues.

I'm all about forcing gadgets into roles they weren't originally intended to play, but usually I work toward making applications more portable, not less. Let's keep those lappies safe out there. OK, Kids?


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