Monday, March 27, 2006


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What the... For yesterday's newspaper, the "Wheel Woman" ,Ann M Job, penned this piece of cutting-edge journalism about the trend of customizing non-sporty cars. I can't help but wonder how a car journalist, of all people, could think this is a new phenomenon. I'll admit that I'm not the hippest guy around, but this is not something that's just happening "these days" unless that means "for over 10 years." I really hate it when the "Star Ledger" tries to publish anything about popular culture. They just make themselves look more out of touch.

Who knows, there are probably other factors at work. Maybe the folks in Dearborn, MI wanted to see a little feature on how customizable their new Fusion sedan is. Wouldn't it be a shame for those advertizing dollars to stop coming? Really, though, that's just unfounded speculation for why this article was written in the first place. Who knows?


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