Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sick Days. Perfect Times for Geeking.

What can I say? I'm told that I have some sort of viral bug. Judging by the mild severity, it's not the flu, but still I just don't feel up to doing anything that involves standing upright or moving from place to place. Seems like the perfect time to install Ubuntu to the old Pentium III. I've been using it off and on, just for fun, for some time now with a "Warty Warthog" live CD since its own hard drive died. I also tried "Breezy Badger", but on this old box it didn't run very breezily. Ubuntu live is pretty nice, but I want something a little more permanent and customizable. To that end, I yanked the drive out of an old Compaq with a terminal case of proprietaryness before carting it off to be recycled. It's a 4gig Bigfoot drive. No frills here. Just a 5.25" half height drive to put my OS and a few files and programs on. I installed the drive some time ago, but have not had a chance to put the OS on it yet. So, here we go. Wish me luck.


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