Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oh, the Indignity!

Oh, the Indignity!
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Well, Christmas is over. The used wrapping paper and boxes have been packed away. The house guests have all gone home. My wife and I took the rest of the week off with the intention of finishing a few projects around the house which we never seem to have time for.

However, things are not turning out like we had planned. Tuesday, my wife and I both seemed to be brewing some sort of upper respiratory bug. Wednesday, our respective bugs were in full swarm. We would have been content to simply sleep all day, but that couldn't happen. Our house guests needed a ride to the airport for a 7:15 am flight. That was not a big deal. Traffic is very light at that time of the day.

I came home and slept until it was time for Boots, the cat's appointment at the vet. He has had a bit of a limp to his gait for a couple of weeks. We've had him to the vet twice for this problem, but it just seems to come and go. This was the earliest we could get in to see the veterinary orthopedist. The news was mixed. He had been injured (a spinal fracture, which luckily is not pinching the nerves), and was healing, but seemed to be re-injuring himself whenever he would start feeling better. The solution: cage rest for 6 weeks.

We brought him home, went to the doctor ourselves (the human doctor), to try to take care of ourselves, then off to the pet store for a home for Mr. Boots. It's a nice 42' cage with doors on 3 sides, and enough room for a litter box, a bed and food and water bowls. He still doesn't like it, but at least his needs are taken care of and he can't run or jump. It really is hard keeping him caged up, but that's the only thing that will help him. We're considering getting him a black and white striped suit and a tin cup to rattle on the bars.


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