Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hard to Handle

Hard to Handle
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As of yesterday, Boots has been confined all day, every day for three weeks. In another week we'll take him back for more x-rays, but for now we're doing the best we can to keep him contained. He clearly feels better and has a lot of excess energy. Where his brother Bucky once would reach into the cage to bat at him and tease him (and still often does) Boots now often reaches out to start trouble when Bucky passes close by. When we do allow Boots out for a brief break from the cage we must give him our undivided attention or risk seeing his tail disappearing down the hall to jump, run and explore the places he has been kept from. However, we've been dealing with this situation for much too long to risk letting him re-injure himself. He wants out. We want to let him out. We can't, though. Not yet.


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