Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Decent Ride

Daylight savings time is in full effect, and I've been enjoying it to its fullest. Last week I rode to work Tuesday through Thursday for a total near 50 miles then yesterday I used the bike for a few errands for several more good miles. I wasn't sure that I'd like the friction shifters on the old 12-speed, but now that I have spent a good number of miles with them I can usually shift without thinking, which is good when sprinting along with traffic.

Anyway, I didn't pay very much for the old bike, and haven't had to replace too many parts, so maybe I'm thinking about it as a beater a little too much. After all, when it's cleaned up it looks pretty nice. Apparently others think so too. My first clue to this was Thursday, when my boss came in to my office, and began asking questions about the old bike. I realized that he was getting a little sentimental, as he squeezed and released the brake levers several times and enjoyed the "clack-clack" that they made as they snapped open.

Yesterday, as well, when I returned to my bike at the supermarket, corned beef in hand, I ran into two shopping-cart attendants taking a brief break from their rounds to fondly ogle my bike. They had plenty of questions about it and suggested I use a more secure lock than the thin cable snowboard lock that I've been using. Funny, the same thought had already occurred to me as I saw them taking such an interest in my old steel speedster. I'd like to think their intentions were good, but who knows, I might have just gotten a lucky break. Sigh, it's too bad. I thought my baby was one only a father could love, but it looks like the grass may indeed be greener on my side of the fence. Guess I'll have to start carrying the heavy locks.


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