Friday, February 15, 2008

A Goodbye

I hold in my hand an old treasure. My WTB SST saddle has accompanied me on countless blissful singletrack miles, and dozens of morning and evening commutes. It has always done what a saddle does very well. It's light. It's comfortable, yet narrow enough to slide back off of when the trail suddenly drops downward. You might even say that the nose is the perfect shape for an "almost seated" climb when the trail points back to the sky. Its chromoly rails stood up to years of the worst pounding my 200+ self could dish out. Alas, thousands upon thousands of pedal strokes have worn the covering material (leather?) thin, and the softer under layers now quickly make black streaks on any pants that come into contact with it. Rather embarassing. It will be missed. Perhaps a handsome corduroy replacement cover would look nice.


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