Monday, April 25, 2005

Points of View

New Jersey is an expensive place to live. When you put so many people into such a small place you're bound to have high housing costs. It's simple supply and demand. With such a large number of people with money, the prices seem to go endlessly higher.It's no surprise that among the non-affluent masses of people it's so common to live with one's parents. Where in other parts of the country having parents as roommates has a greater stigma attached, It's often simply the sensible thing to do in such an expensive area even if moving out would otherwise be possible. There's just a different attitude.

With that in mind, there still is a draw to the freedom associated with having one's own place.I was talking with our temporary receptionist at lunch today who, as I had previously learned, lives with her boyfriend, a heavy metal musician. I had seen him pick her up before, and assumed he was a relatively successful musician (or has a good day job) as he was driving a fairly new and relatively expensive car. At any rate, the lunchtime conversation drifted to living with parents. She told me how she didn't go that route. She Was out of the house by 21. Her boyfriend, though, still lives with his parents. I mentally backtracked a bit and thought about what she had told me. I suppose that means that it's better to live with your significant other's parents than your own.

I didn't attempt to follow the logic. I just nodded.


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