Thursday, April 21, 2005

Getting to Work Without Gas

Ever since I heard of the Tango electric car, I've been a bit interested in electric cars. I doubt my range and size requirements would make this practical. Same thing for the Vortex 3 wheeled kit car that recently crossed my screen, which can be fitted with a motorcycle engine or an electric motor. I also have been enjoying saying "what if" in regards to converting a diesel car to run on waste vegetable oil. As much as I enjoy my car (I consider driving, even driving to work, a recreational activity) I can't help but look at other options. It's not necessarily that I can't afford the higher gas prices we've been having. I think it's just in my nature.

Recently, my sister-in-law from the land of $3.00 per gallon 87 octane gas sent me an email one morning. She said that she was going to start biking to work. My first thought was "Cool, I wish I could do that. New Jersey traffic is so ruthless." As the day dragged on, I began to think about it more and more. I already avoid highways and travel to work on local roads to avoid the unpredictable traffic jams. These roads are not heavily traveled. The traffic on them is not terribly fast. the 7-8 miles are certainly not a long trip. I already have a bike and most of the other necessary equipment. Why not dust off, tune up and ride my old double-butted beauty which has been sitting in the basement so neglected. The hydraulic brakes and plush suspension fork may be a little bit of overkill for a commuter bike, but I think some smooth tires might just make it work for me. This just might work. I'll have to make a dry run some Saturday morning. I think "National Bike to Work Week" is coming in mid May. Maybe I'll use that as my goal.


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