Wednesday, September 08, 2004



Things can really get hairy around here when it rains enough to flood. The traffic is almost as bad as when it snows. I often wonder if the people who plow right through the deep puddles with the waves splashing up onto the hood know how destructive a little water in the engine can be. I'd reather turn around and take a different route than risk getting stranded in the deepest part of a puddle and wade through the cold water and pouring rain to find someone to tow my poor car to a shop which will charge my credit card company lots and lots of money to rebuild my hydrolocked engine. That's assuming the water isn't deep enough to sweep my little car away.

I guess we aren't going to an NJ Jackals game tonight regardless of whether the tarp is on the field. I just hope the flooding doesn't strand me at work tonight. Now THAT would be tragic.


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