Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Last Man Sitting?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm about to be the only person left in my department of 3 people here at work. Several days ago the other guy that does basically the same thing as I do told me that he has been looking for another job it seems to be common knowledge, so I guess he's not really keeping it a secret. Not really a big surprise, considering that he's about to get an Engineering degree and has been looking (unsuccessfully) for a house in his price range that meets his needs. He's not here again today. Must be on an interview. I can't help but think I should be getting out of here too. Is it a bad thing to be a bargain?

The head of the department is also out this afternoon. To be fair, he does visit vendors on occasion to check on the status of things, but for some reason he didn't say anything about where he was going today. What's more, the boss just came in to ask if I knew where he was. I don't. It makes me a bit suspicious. I suppose there could be worse things than being the only one left here, though.


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