Monday, August 18, 2008

A Good Thing

This morning, I arrived to work bright and early, heaved my fully laden bike onto the loading dock, hopped up behind it and began wheeling it toward the office door. Since my office is toward the back it generally is better to come in through the factory during the summer when the loading bay doors are usually open. It means I don't have to wheel my bicycle all the way through the office hallway, potentially dirtying the carpet. Today, however, I wished I had gone the carpeted route. The moment the assemblers in the factory, whose work day starts an hour and a half before mine, saw me they motioned me over for engineering guidance. Then, seeing my sweaty state, they quickly changed their minds, and said "when you get a chance." Today, riding to work gave me a few extra minutes to get settled (and cleaned up). A should mention, though, it also has a calming effect, to help me to cope with the stress that today promises to deliver.


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