Thursday, June 26, 2008

Doom and Gloom

Originally when I started this blog it was conceived as a place to air whatever random thoughts happened to float through my consciousness. As time has gone by, I've dropped the ball and left it rusting in a field with grass growing through the floorboards as for months at a time, only to come back, brush it off, and start blogging where I left off. I have to admit that lately I've blogged on practically nothing but biking. There was a time in my life when I lived for nothing but mountain biking. Then as the pressures of adulthood, homeownerdom (if that's a word) and husbandry (wait, no that's something else, oh well I'm going on..) came on strong, the part of my identity that was bicycling sat in the basement, rusting on flaccid tires. I suppose having that pedaling part of myself back feels so good that it's all I want to think about, to blog about or to read about.

Eventually, though, if one reads enough bike blogs, the topic of peak oil comes up. I try not to think about it too much, since the whole thing scares the pants off of me. Then global warming. Flooding, extinction, depression, etc. It's worst that such a huge majority of the population seems either ignorant, skeptical or apathetic. It really seems like we may in for one of the hardest times that modern civilization has ever known and everyone thinks everything is fine. It really makes a guy feel helpless. Then I go back to my happy place and think about bikes and biking. Then I realize that I'm already doing something that makes a difference, however small it may be.

Did I mention that I saw a Jack Russel Terrier in the park this morning on my ride to work? He was out for a jog with his person and stopped to chase a rabbit. Wow, those rabbits can move.


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