Thursday, August 07, 2008

People are Noticing

August is here and the summer seems to be reaching its home stretch. The weather is still warm and the days are still long, but I can't help but think about the upcoming change in seasons and what it means for me if I will continue riding during the cold months. At the same time, within the last week I've had more questions about bicycling than most of the rest of the summer combined. A couple of days ago, as I heaved my bike onto the loading dock and wheeled it inside, the shipping guy pulled me aside with several questions about my bike. No matter, I always jump at the chance to talk about bikes. More notably, though, within the last week, no less than four different people, both neighbors and co-workers, have commented on how much weight I've lost and about biking as the cause. It feels good, I'll admit. Why now, though? My pants have been noticeably baggy (to me) for well over a month. Recently there's been a dip in gas prices, some places a full thirty cents below its peak earlier this summer. Why the dip? Who knows, but I hardly think the recent increased interest is the result of friends and neighbors reaching the end of their collective ropes. I hope that my example that it can be done and my involuntary glow and slight giddiness when I start talking about bikes and riding gets more people to go out and try it, whatever their reason might be, though.


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