Monday, June 02, 2008


Friday, after a long day at work, and on mile 7 of my 8 mile bicycle ride home, I rounded a corner and trudged up a slight grade in a high-ish gear. Just then, I came upon three wholesome suburban 'tween aged boys on BMX bikes, lazily cruising along from the opposite direction. As I approached I heard one whisper something to the others, a little to low for me to hear. Just then, he broke from the group and pulled a u-turn, like a fighter escort pursuing a bogey. I played it cool, and stayed in the same gear as the hill levelled out. I stayed seated and eased ahead as my pursuer bounded and flailed on the long BMX cranks to pull up and match speeds with me. As his his acceleration faded, I paused a moment, grinned at my challenger, grabbed my drops, stood up and ended the contest. Sure, I know the whole scene played out the way it did due to "the right tool for the job", but it still felt good to be the "old guy" on the fender-clad steel bike embarassing the cocky young challenger on the flashy stickered, fat tubed bike. I'll watching for them from now on. Bring it, boys!


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