Saturday, November 19, 2005

And Speaking of Gas

We have a gas dryer. Well, actually we have 2 gas dryers. One is brand new, shiny and still has the shrink wrap over the control panel. The other is an ages-old "Lady Kenmore" with a bad igniter. As much as we didn't want to replace the dryer right now, we didn't see the point in paying the public service repairman $150 to fix a dryer that has dozens of other 30+ year old parts, any of which could break at any time. So we bought a new one.

As it turns out, the delivery guys have a policy of not installing a gas dryer unless the shut off valve is directly behind the dryer. Never mind the fact that the valve is about 6" below the floor in the basement directly below the dryer. I might add that it would have been nice to have known about this when we bought the dryer so that we could make proper arrangements. So there they sit, as they have been sitting for three days. A plumber, however, is on his way to save the day, though. I expect that we'll also be charged an exhorbitant fee for a few short minutes of work, but I suppose that's what is to be expected. Ahh, the joys of home ownership.


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