Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I work with a guy who is a grade A religious freak (and I use "freak" as in "fanatic" and not "weird"). He is a member of the Hari Krishna faith, which I understand is quite evangelical. More than being a religions freak he is a debater to the core. He will argue practically any side of any point for the sole sake of proving that he is a genius and his opponent is not. If his would-be opponent agrees with whatever wild claims he happens to be making, he will make progressively more outlandish claims until his target objects to something he says. It's pretty silly and predictable.

Today at lunch time, I found myself in the unenviable position of eating lunch at the same time as Mr. Smartypants. Others arrived to eat at the same time, much to my relief. The topic of conversation drifted toward "existence." I am not without my spiritual faith, and I understand how some people enjoy the mental exercise of debating "The Big Questions" but personally, I think it's pretty pointless. There are some things we just were not meant to know. My view on the subject is that in some respect we extist. We interact with our surroundings and with each other on some level. That's good enough for me. I finished my sweet & sour chicken (which existed) and came back to my office to read about how to make a jet engine from the turbo out of an '83 Nissan Pulsar. Infinitely more rewarding!


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