Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Toothbrush Upgrade

Toothbrush Upgrade

I hate marketing fluff. Once upon a time I decided to make the jump to an electric toothbrush. I used it. I liked it. It really did make my teeth feel cleaner. Then, as all toothbrushes do, it eventually wore out. After a trip to the drugstore I found out that my model had been discontinued. No problem, though. It was replaced by the "Pro" model which had interchangeable heads, an additional moving brush part and was only a dollar or so more expensive. Cool. After wearing through several heads, the motor was still going strong. It was time for more replacement heads, though. As I browsed the replacement heads at the drugstore, I didn't find the "Pro" model replacements. I found the "classic" model replacements, which I hadn't heard of, but which looked similar. However, having no way to tell for sure if they would fit, I bought a competitor's product. I don't care to play that silly name game.


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