Wednesday, May 11, 2005


It seems my decision to reshape my full beard into a goatee with indie burns is already paying dividends toward my hipster cred, even though I am by no means a hipster. At work, we're redoing the company website, and the people involved in the process asked for my opinion since I am "one of the only groovy people in the office." I took this as a complement, since the source was my boss's wife who is the art director for a fashion magazine.

My decision to give myself a new facial hair configuration was based on my look at my sister-in-law's copy of The Hipster Handbook, which details all aspects of hipness, including Facial hair. Although I would have considered my previous scruff a cleaned up version of the full beard, it seems that the other family members on hand considered it a bushier version of "The Pencil Line". I don't want to be that hip-hop wannabe, boy band guy that wears a pencil line. Since perception is what matters, and I had been considering a change, I went back to the goatee. I shoulda been a rock star.


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