Thursday, October 21, 2004

And Now Comes the Gloating

And Now Comes the Gloating

I'll be honest, I don't really follow major league baseball that much. Really, though, in this area, you can't avoid it when the Yankees are in the world series. Yankees fans are some of the most fanatic around. When you add one of baseball's biggest rivalries, between the Yankees and Red Sox, you have a recipe for some of the worst gloating anywhere.

Being some 10-15 miles from New York City, Yankees fans are by far the majority, and had they beat the Red Sox, we innocent bystanders would definitely have been in for some hard core eye rolling as they rubbed it in (again.) Don't think we're off the hook, though. Boston fans are also a dedicated bunch, much like Cubs fans in my home state of Illinois. They're due for a world series win and they want to be there when their team finally wins one. Boston fans are not as rare around here as one might think, though. As I see it, they fall into two major catagories. First are the transplanted Bostonians. They are intensely loyal, and the rivalry just makes them more hardened. The other group consists of people, some locals and some transplants from other parts of the country, who are turned off by the arrogance and often obnoxious behavior characteristic of Yankees fans. They are the product of a bitter rivalry and the hometown (region) fans that carry it too far. These fans are often as loyal as any homesick Bostonians and just as vocal. They long for the day they can laugh as the dominant Yankee regime hangs its head in shame. It looks like that day is here. I just hope it doesn't get out of hand. God help us if Boston wins the next round.


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